Day 320 – back to work at goodness me

Today I had the day to myself to cook, take a walk and watch a movie before starting work at 3.30pm. I made our favourite chicken soup and watched a great documentary called Food Matters. Very interesting take on the influence of agribusiness in the US and it’s influence over politicians and policies. They do not want to allow GMO labelling of their food products. So, you ask, what are they hiding. Work is good but they have cut everyone’s hours considerably and have sacked the previous manager. I’m sure there’s more to that story!
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx.

Day 298 – exploring the quilting shops

We checked on line to find some fabric places in hamilton and discovered Ottawa st, which is in an industrial area, and like going back in time. Leona was keen to find an ‘Indian’ print, one with a chief in head dress. I wasn’t sure she would find anything like that but she was adamant. I watched on with amusement at the shop assistants reaction to her request. She lowered her eyes, gave us a stern look and said in a steely voice “we don’t have that sort of thing here, it may be offensive to some people”. Which is pretty much what I expected. After that we struggled to get any service.
We ended up stopping at Fortinos for a coffee and morning tea which was lovely in the sun.
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx

Day 296 – leonas visit to st jacobs

It was cold, wet and windy today but we decided it was now or never for a visit to the Mennonite markets.
Leona Es keen to see the ‘amish’ people (she can never remember the Mennonite name) and sample some new treats.
We stopped at Walmart first to get some money (they should have all come in with me – plenty of Mennonite women in the store).
The Royal Doulton shop was our first stop. They had a lot of their Christmas ornaments out and we were able to get a few gifts. Leona spent all her time looking at the figurines so Garry bought her one as a memento of her trip to Canada.
It was still raining at the outdoor markets so we went inside to sample all their foods. Lots of organic options which was nice. I’m looking forward to bringing Janelle here to shop. She will love it. Hopefully it won’t be raining and we can visit the kissing bridge too.
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx.





Day 290 – A Visit to the new goodness me store

After putting off our trip to Niagara Falls, I decided to take a drive up to Mississauga which is about 30 minutes away. The Goodness Me store is about 4 times the size of the local one I work at and has been purpose built. It was so nice to wonder around this beautiful store with its smoothie bar and huge bulk foods area. Long aisles of fresh produce, supplements, a bakery and salad bar. Needless to say, I ended up spending most of this weeks wages trying out some new products and filling up our fridge.
The cookies are really big and last almost a whole drive home. Very satisfied.
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx IMG_5904-0.JPG








Day 281 – Nannie arrives

We picked Garry up from hockey around 4pm to head into Toronto airport for Leonas arrival. Unbeknownst to us she was being treated by the paramedics for nausea and dizziness. She hadn’t been able to reach her meds in the overhead locker and didn’t want to ask for help.
We eventually found her after being pages by staff. She was very relieved to see us. After no sleep for two days I think she may be weary for a couple of days.





Day 270 – A visit to Rockton’s World Fair

Slightly drizzly weather for our trip to Rockton but not enough to dampen our enthusiasm. The kids had free passes so we made the most of the opportunity. The fair is all about celebrating the harvest and Thanksgiving.
Our kids, of course, wanted to go on, taste and buy everything they saw. We gave them $20 each and said they could do whatever they liked with it. Amazing how discerning they become once they have to choose what to spend their OWN money on and we had a pester free day. They each decided that rides were too expensive and all came home with money in their pocket. Love that!
Harvest displays were everywhere. Some things we did not even recognise but most were familiar even if they are called something different. We don’t ask for butternut pumpkin or capsicums, we ask for butter squash and bell peppers.
Seeing the Craft show was like stepping back in time about 30 years. With entries like Mother and Daughter outfits, shawls, cake and cookie making, crochet blankets, biggest pumpkin, photography and LBD, there was something for everyone. They even had a baby and toddler competition. OMG! Screaming children in tutus and tuxes. Gold.
The draught horses were HUGE. They were on show individually and in teams pulling beautiful carriages.
The Trotting ponies were a source of great amusement for my kids who had never seen them before. So well trained.
We walked through some of the livestock displays but my little city dwellers found the smell too bad for their delicate noses. I guess my Mum taught me better.
We left with experiences of funnel cake, beaver tail, gyros, donuts, candy floss, toffee apples and lemonade in our food repertoire and drove home for left over turkey and veggies
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx.













Day 269 – Thanksgiving

Gordon Ramsay’s recipe was the one that caught my eye. Wheat free and promised a moist and tender turkey.
Lachlan and I spent the morning cleaning, stuffing and glazing the turkey with garlic, parsley and lemon butter. He was keen to get his hands on the turkey did all the dirty work for me. We cooked it for 2 1/2 hours and then let it rest while we went skating for the afternoon. We made the gravy from drippings and the lemon and onions we had stuffed the turkey with.
Dinner was spent giving thanks for family and friends and recognition of all we have achieved on this adventure. We are grateful to be going home soon to appreciate more of what we have there.
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx.





Day 262 – Grandfinal day – NRL

4.30am rise and shine it’s grandfinal day. My sisters beloved Rabbitohs played the Bulldogs on a beautiful Sunday evening. She was lucky enough to have scored a corporate pass to the game and found herself enjoying a 3 course meal plus drinks whilst watching the game.
Not to mention our good friends, the Maguires, were heavily involved in the game. Madge is the teams head coach and this team had not won a final in 43 years. A lot of pressure.
We need not have been concerned. They were convincing winners 30-18 and many celebrated well into the night. I may not hear the end of this for a while.
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx. IMG_3453.JPG



Day 244 – School sport

A beautiful day today for Adam and Lachlan’s sporting events.
Adam played for his school in tennis at Rosedale tennis club. Got beaten in the second round to the eventual winner. Gave him a good run for his money though.
Lachie played three-pitch softball for his school and got home twice in the final to help take his team to a convincing 5-0 win.
Lucky for me, I was only working until 1pm so I could watch it, and enjoy the sun and game over lunch.
The last few days of summer are cooling down and the mornings are brisk. People are already starting to predict a very cold winter.