Day 262 – Grandfinal day – NRL

4.30am rise and shine it’s grandfinal day. My sisters beloved Rabbitohs played the Bulldogs on a beautiful Sunday evening. She was lucky enough to have scored a corporate pass to the game and found herself enjoying a 3 course meal plus drinks whilst watching the game.
Not to mention our good friends, the Maguires, were heavily involved in the game. Madge is the teams head coach and this team had not won a final in 43 years. A lot of pressure.
We need not have been concerned. They were convincing winners 30-18 and many celebrated well into the night. I may not hear the end of this for a while.
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx. IMG_3453.JPG




Day 255 – Websters Falls

Garry and I visited these beautiful falls, about 20 min from our house, just as the leaves were starting to change colour for autumn. It is a lovely picnic spot with picturesque views and has many walking trails leading off from it. Very popular with tourists.

















Day 244 – School sport

A beautiful day today for Adam and Lachlan’s sporting events.
Adam played for his school in tennis at Rosedale tennis club. Got beaten in the second round to the eventual winner. Gave him a good run for his money though.
Lachie played three-pitch softball for his school and got home twice in the final to help take his team to a convincing 5-0 win.
Lucky for me, I was only working until 1pm so I could watch it, and enjoy the sun and game over lunch.
The last few days of summer are cooling down and the mornings are brisk. People are already starting to predict a very cold winter.

Day 222 – US Open Tennis at Flushing Meadows

We had decided that we would dress up for the US Open figuring there would be some competition (and no one would know us anyway). Before we left home, Garry and I collected red caps and stuck mini tennis balls to them and bought the whole family matching flouro yellow t-shirts (we intended to get noticed. Nothing could have been further from the kids minds than getting noticed with mum and dad so there was a fair bit of persuasion needed. We certainly got a few stares walking from our accommodation to the subway. Where was the Humans of New York guy then?
We met a guy on the subway who told us he was an official (pass and all) whose job it was to take Roger Federer to and from the courts. He gave us the inside info that Roger was due to have practice on court 15 at 10am. Turned out to be dodgy info after we sat for half an hour and two women’s doubles teams came out. Oh well. Lucky we got to see him up close in Toronto.
Our first real game was watching Casey Delacqua in her first round win. Good to see an Aussie victory at the start of the day. We got in quite a few Aussie Aussie Aussies.
Later in the afternoon we went to watch Sam Groth (another Aussie) play. He’s a big guy. We found ourselves sitting next to Pat Rafter and taking sneaky selfies to include him.
There were big crowds of people waiting for two hours in the hot sun to watch Roger Federer on the practice courts in the afternoon. As it turned out, the games on centre court were really short and he didn’t make it as he had to play earlier. Not happy Jan.
Bernard Tomic played a match against some Greek guy and sustained an injury which put him out at the end. I think we were the only ones going for him and that was only out of country loyalty. He really is up himself.
Gaz and I snuck into centre court to watch Lleyton Hewitt get creamed. We could see Bec just below us. She didn’t look happy. Perhaps because Ley Ley would be in a foul mood that night.
Milos Raonic was the toast of the town and we got to watch him practice. He is a big guy.
The kids, meanwhile, were having an awesome time in the tennis dome (which was air conditioned). They played tennis, got their photos taken in action slow motion and scored lots of novelty items. Lachlan teamed up with another kid his age whose dad seemed to know all the players. This kid was one of the best players on the court.
While we were eating lunch, some media guy came up and asked us for a group photo and then some info for a story. Turns out he regularly travels with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer and is an Aussie. We had a great chat but he didn’t invite us to meet them. Seriously!
Adam came home happy with his Federer t-shirt and Gaz got his photo with Pete Sampras (well, his poster anyway).
As we walked back to our apartment, tired and exhausted, we failed to realise that we were walking right through the middle of a police situation. There were unmarked cop cars blocking the street and two guys in handcuffs on the steps. We kind of stood out in our bright clothing.
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx









Day 214 – Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld

Olivia’s birthday experience to Magic Kingdom was finally here. We caught the Hotel bus to Epcot and then another Disney bus to Magic Kingdom. It was already hot and humid so we appreciated the A/C. At the ticket counter we mentioned that it was Olivia’s birthday so she was given a special birthday badge whilst we were given celebration badges to wear. From then on, everywhere we went, Disney staff would wish her a happy birthday.
We discovered on line that we could book fast-passes to get priority entrance for most of the rides. This saved us waiting in line for hours in the hot sun. Best thing ever.
The haunted mansion was first on our list then the Thunder Mountain roller coaster. Lucky we took most of our own food. The lines and cost of buying there were extreme. We chose the 4D Mickey Mouse show as it got hotter and then happily waited in the A/C lime for space mountain.
Space mountain, splash mountain, haunted mansion, thunder mountain, mickeys philharmonic,
Hot and humid
Everything we have done today we could do in Australia, it’s just bigger over here
Bus back had no A/C and we were pretty wilted already. Re-confirmed – I don’t cope well with the heat

Day 206 – Race Day

Travelling to the race track today was like being on the middle of the warm up lap. Bikes everywhere weaving in and out of the traffic. All vying to be the loudest. Apparently helmets and clothing are not compulsory over here.
Liv and I headed to the malls for an American taste of shopping. Then back to our hotel for a swim and a movie then more shopping before we picked the boys up.
The boys all had huge grins on their faces when we picked them up and many stories to tell. People watching had been a highlight of the day as well as the displays of bikes. Mark Marquez had won again. It seems this guy can’t be beaten. Some of the Aussies had done well too.
Good night beautiful people Jxx.