Day 270 – A visit to Rockton’s World Fair

Slightly drizzly weather for our trip to Rockton but not enough to dampen our enthusiasm. The kids had free passes so we made the most of the opportunity. The fair is all about celebrating the harvest and Thanksgiving.
Our kids, of course, wanted to go on, taste and buy everything they saw. We gave them $20 each and said they could do whatever they liked with it. Amazing how discerning they become once they have to choose what to spend their OWN money on and we had a pester free day. They each decided that rides were too expensive and all came home with money in their pocket. Love that!
Harvest displays were everywhere. Some things we did not even recognise but most were familiar even if they are called something different. We don’t ask for butternut pumpkin or capsicums, we ask for butter squash and bell peppers.
Seeing the Craft show was like stepping back in time about 30 years. With entries like Mother and Daughter outfits, shawls, cake and cookie making, crochet blankets, biggest pumpkin, photography and LBD, there was something for everyone. They even had a baby and toddler competition. OMG! Screaming children in tutus and tuxes. Gold.
The draught horses were HUGE. They were on show individually and in teams pulling beautiful carriages.
The Trotting ponies were a source of great amusement for my kids who had never seen them before. So well trained.
We walked through some of the livestock displays but my little city dwellers found the smell too bad for their delicate noses. I guess my Mum taught me better.
We left with experiences of funnel cake, beaver tail, gyros, donuts, candy floss, toffee apples and lemonade in our food repertoire and drove home for left over turkey and veggies
Goodnight beautiful people Jxx.














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